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If you are filing for a divorce, we provide services to assist you in the process.  With the pro se process, we will work with one of you or both of you to make your agreements and represent yourself in court. We do not take sides, or give legal advice, but we do have 10 years of experience in getting people’s paperwork through the court system efficiently.  We deliver documents to the courthouse for you unless you are required to appear. This eliminates costly days off and trips to the courthouse.  We also make all copies for you and mail you a set of all filed documents.

We have helped thousands of clients with their economical divorces for over 12 years.

Complete sets of documents that are preferred by courts.

We save out clients time and money.


    Specializing in court approved document preparation and quick individualized assistance for Pro Se Litigants, Difficult cases, out of state parties, Divorce (Dissolution), Legal Separation, Custody/Visitation, Adoption, Child/Spousal Support, Document Amendment/Modification, Qualified Domestic Relations Order, (QDRO), Petition/Response, Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), Family Law Discovery Requests, Legal Separation, Summary Divorce, Step-Parent Adoption, Adult Adoption, Prenuptial Agreement, military in action, Judgment Modification, Stipulations, Contempt of Court and much more, If your don't see it feel free to ask.

    Family Law addresses a variety of circumstances.  At LDA4YOU we provide you with the necessary legal guidance through copywrited materials and support to allow for a simple, hassle-free process.


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    "We Are Not Attorneys, We Provide Self-Help Services at Your Specific Direction"